Environment - Yoonkee Kim


 Artist: Yoonkee Kim

Duration: 40min
Format: Cassette Tape






集中して聴く必要はない、聞き流しても構わない!!!!!!!!!だが、しっかり聴こうと思えば聴くべきところもあり、マジで、すんっごいんだから。A面の最後の曲”Seoul Station”でやっとメロディらしいメロディ=ユンキー節が入ってきたとき(俺はそのメロディをソウルトレインと呼んでいる!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)には、全てのルーボイ&レイディースが膝ガックンガックンさせながらリスニングしている姿を想像した。その頃には、歌ってないはずの歌まで聞こえてくるはずだ。歌詞が良いから、じっくり耳をすませて欲しい!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Yoonkee’s Enviromental music!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the title shows, this album is composed only with field recording somewhere around there, no actual instruments are used!!!!!!!! No instruments yet instrumental!!!!!!!! As you can figure out from the title of the song, it’s about riding a train going to the disco, that might nicely evoke your memories of Soul station and Itaewon station!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s fun to imagine which disco that Yoonkee’s talking about!!!!!!!! You can feel his warmest personality underneath of the industrial sound. That is seriously deep.

You don’t have to try so hard to listen to it, you can just play it while paying no attention!!!!!!!!! Yet, it’s great to listen to it deeper, seriously, it’s great. The last song of A-side “Seoul Station”, once it finally gets melodic, equals Yoonkee singing (I call this “soul train”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I can imagine all the rude boys and ladies dancing cwazy while listening to it. Once you get to the point, I know you can hear the lyrics more that it’s actually written, the lyrics is so good, please carefully listen to it.

The tunes that might make you feel sexy by Han river is totally ambient yet city soul!!!!!!!!!!!

We listen to this tape and find beats trapped inside of the minimal environment sounds, but you will soon find out that Yoonkee sees environment music underneath of the beats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sisters who loves this tune, seriously, big up yourself, warm yourself up.